Let's Freeze Our Feelings and Split the Hate

by Beauty Camp

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All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by beauty camp
Mixed at Sundlaugin Studio (Reykjavík)

Mega artwork by Apolicarpio Tsidrio Tearsovitch

Clapping friends on Because you're not really there : Ingvar Eysteinsson and Jacob Brynjar Sigur∂sson

Takk fyrir to : Biggiiiii, Kjartaaaaaan, Elisabouth!!!, l'amour entre les peuples et la nature, aB Recourds, Emanuele, Italy and violins, la France, Ütube, Sbaffus les ténèbres, Reykjavík's buses, les paysages kitchos, HARLEEEEM, beloved casio sk1 from Sigur Rós, Bermudaa et moules frites, Régis Turner, Bernadette 3, the BROKEN guitar (Ingvar <3), les enfants, Iceland and Sundlaugin (miss ú), sm57, la pauvreté et la solitude et la fête


released March 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Beauty Camp Lyon, France

Bonjour on s'appelle le camp de beauté et on essaye de faire de la musique qui est jolie mais bon c'est pas facile tout le temps.

Venez nous faire des checks en live

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Track Name: Late Night Friends
I felt in love with your tiny little hands
Would you please your friends and break my heart
It's cold outside

With false truth in your head you reached the seas
And looked at the windows of deep consciousness
Fever could come again

So what's next you're gone for ever
And I shouldn't try to swim her
Her is you cause you're through the people
That are my real late night friends

You said to me that you had to go because I'm french yeah
I am the kind of guy that would be shaken
But you know we tried to be so nice like the end
Don't worry it's shiny outside in the night

Who are you
Track Name: People
Track Name: She Oversizes Me
She oversizes me when I pray in the dark
To tell us what she knows about her skinny parts
She plays in the turns and tried to spray
Our brains in a fog that haven't yet shake
We fired the rivers to look at the fridge
To steal out your friends that started to peace yo
They shine in minds like many snake's chains
To follow the rainbow around their slutty pain
We'll see you tomorrow what's more remembering
Is it you with your things or us with nothing
We'll see thrush man why you'll never take
The changes of the past in the future ovens

Go eat your mother and don't blame me as well
You say you're dreamy but you can't explain
Let's freeze your feelings and split the hate
Take that penny I won't give him back
You see the dead maybe don't need that shite
Hey never try to send love to your lover
She's kind and nice they won't reach her

She oversizes me because she felt
Like a child of gold like a golden mind
And I can't argue her because she's white
She knows people from other lives
From other nice coolness planet in the clouds
We are something rising up among lies
To take up power and just feel it once
Track Name: L'Amour à Deux Visages
Then you see you can't explain
There's things on us but they don't care
We feed the rains with our behaves

The boys reach out to spare our times
Under your tongs you leak the weaks
And if we're noobs we share the rest

On the profits of interests
There's nothing left more than a shelf
We'll go under to bring them in
More than some slaves that take a break
Track Name: Ghost Kids Utopia
We stare at the window
I see that you're not playing anymore
All the kids are frozen by the law
Hippie freaks rising the low color

All I see above is dead ghosts
Why trying to reach the top of nothing
We were young enough to cry
And see that you're the guy that ends like

All I see above is you
All I see above is hers
Track Name: Because You're Not Really There
Nobody cares of their lives
We're just passing through the end
To bring something to these worlds
You should die or give the death
Again it's true if you're lying
On the ground

Stay near the field where they can
Buy you food to take with us
On a trip out of the rooms
Watching them near from the end
Buying heads already burned
Washing stuff they want locked

We will say that it's different
We're not the same than those monsters
But we know deep inside
We're from the same place sad and white
And everything will end the same
The kids again will have their names

Don't bring me your black hand
It won't be me to tell afraid
That we are friends with no complains
And nobody is against you
You should kiss them to be nice
They'll never know who you are
Track Name: Boys
Boys don't say they will
Took off your good lies
And I will not spread
Everything you had

We won't stay in the corner of my head
Cause they want us to try to explain
And I want to live kind forever again
To suit out all I'd never slide dead

Boys don't say they will
Took off your good lies
And I will not spread
Everything you had

I see you in my dreams
Cause you're the boys that I won't love
I stay near from the shield
Of what I know of what I said
And I see you

All the boys, dancing
Sadly in the spaces of real life
Track Name: The Pictures Are Empty
They are your friends
Lying down
But we don't care
Of the ground
You saw them coming
From the hole
And you were speeding
The cold above

No one cares
The pictures are empty
You see again
We're the blood

I can't say you're under
You will be a girl
They won't bring us to explain
The pictures will not say
The pictures
Track Name: Sad Motherfucker
When I saw you the first time
You were a black and white shine
And the prayers that walk dead
Yet see above of our heads
Nowhere you can take
The run or the flakes
I still want to write you
About things that I loaned
And you're deep in the streets
Of the level of things
So you say to her boys

Ouuh, I know you are
Wrong with me
Hey, you can't see we're
The fload of your dreams
They'll run at me
To sweet you in their fears

When I saw you the first time
You were a black and white shine
And the prayers that walk dead
Yet see above of our heads
Nowhere you can take
The run or the flakes